5 Easy Steps

How it Works


24 hours before waxing, scrub your skin using the exfoliating body scrub and exfoliating gloves.


Peel open the strips to separate into two pieces.


Apply wax strips to your skin, rub and smooth the strip down on the skin the same direction of your hairs.


Remove strip against the hair direction by the pulling skin taut above or below the strip. Remove the strip in a swift movement parallel, as close as possible to the skin.


Apply after wax oil to remove any wax residue and hydrate your skin.

Before During and After Care

  • Use the exfoliating product and exfoliating gloves to scrub your body and remove dead skin to prep your skin and hairs for waxing. This also helps the wax strips stick to your hairs.
  • Check the length of your hairs for best results ensure your hair is at least 1.5-2 cm long.
  • Shower and clean your skin
  • After the shower, ensure your skin is free from products and dry ready for waxing.
  • Using your hands, rub and smooth the wax strip together for 5 seconds, this will warm up the wax making it easy to separate.
  • Hold the top of both ends of the strip, separate into two pieces
  • Place one strip facing upwards, to use later.
  • Apply the wax strip onto the skin ready to remove the hairs, use your hand to rub and smooth onto your skin 1-2 times along the direction of the hair.
  • Pull your skin taut with one hand, using the other quickly pull the strip away from your skin against the direction of your hair.
  • Work in sections, apply the next strip directly next to the area the skin the hair already been removed.
  • Once you have finished waxing, check to see if you have missed any hairs, use a wax strip to wax over to remove any missed hairs, then use tweezers to pluck any spots especially if you notice an ingrown hair.
  • To end, apply a small amount of after wax oil.
  • Use this oil as a moisturiser the next few days.

Use the after wax oil as a moisturiser daily, once finishes apply a light moisturiser daily.


If you are exercising, sweating ensure you shower immediately afterwards to clean your pours. Warm water will open your pours so always finish with a cold shower to tighten and close your pours.


Once a week begin exfoliating to help your hairs grow through the skin and avoid ingrown hairs. Don’t over exfoliate as this can break the skin or cause abrasions.

Further Details for Each Area

  • Hair should be ½ cm to 1 cm long.
  • Working in sections so you don’t miss any areas.
  • Apply the strip to the area, rub to smooth down on your skin.
  • Pull your skin taut with one hand using the other to swiftly remove the strip against the direction of the hair growth.
  • Repeat.
  • Bend your knee to pull the skin taut.
  • Apply the strip on an angle.
  • Rub and smooth to your skin.
  • Remove swiftly and repeat if need.
  • Open your leg out into a triangle, follow the direction of your hair growth and apply the strip.
  • Very important for the inner thigh to pull the skin taut to avoid any pulling of loose, sensitive skin.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • Start on your forearm, check the direction of your hair growth and apply the strip in the direction of your hair.
  • Bend your elbow to wax to rest of your arm.
  • Find a seated position, open one leg out to a triangle to pull your skin taut.
  • Section the area off, start from the inner thigh and apply the strip, rub and smooth the strip onto your skin.
  • Pull the skin taut and remove the strip upwards in the opposite direction of the hairs.
  • Be careful on the inner groin as the skin can be sensitive here.
  • Continue applying the strips in sections across the bikini to remove the hairs.
  • Open your next leg out to continue on the other side.
  • Section the face to where you want to wax, usually from the inner down to the chin.
  • Check the directions of your hair growth.
  • Rub and smooth the strip to your skin.
  • Pull and hold your skin taut and swiftly remove the strip the opposite direction of the hair growth.
  • Only wax stray hairs outside of your brow line to avoid over waxing or changing the shape of your brows.
  • Brush your brow hairs upwards.
  • Pull your skin taut from your temple.
  • Apply the smallest strip under the brow line and smooth down.
  • Pull the strip towards your inner brow to remove against the direction of the hairs.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • For the inner brows, place the top end of one strip vertical in the middle of your brows. Be careful not to touch the inner side of each brow.
  • Pull your skin taut and remove the strip.
  • Repeat if need.
  • Use tweezers for precision to remove any missed hairs.
  • Always be gentle and Pull your skin taut when waxing your face.
  • Apply a strip along the top lip in on one side.
  • Rub to smooth onto the skin and pull the strip off along towards the nose. - Repeat on the other side.
  • Check for missed hairs, if you need to, apply the strip vertically under the nose above the inner lip.
  • You can also wax under the lower lip if required.
  • Section off the area into top and bottom.
  • Start from one side on the top on the neckline, follow the hair growth and apply the strip facing the direction of the hair.
  • Remove the strip in the opposite direction.
  • Remember to always pull the skin taut and ensure you pull the wax strip off swiftly and close to the skin.